Deep Snow

A song in standard tuning by Paul Christley Tumey

(First verse)
G               Em           Bm
John Prine walked in deep snow

G           Em                   Bm
On time mail delivery to people we know.

G                      Em                     A                                  D
   He saw.......a lonely senior...... John Prine was sent.... a song.......

                    G                             A
from the vi---brating air -- called "Hello In There"

Em             G            Bm
John Prine walked in deep snow

(Fingerpick break)

(Second chorus)

D                         G
Was there a blizzard in your heart?

D                         G
Were things fall - ing apart?

D                       G
Did you have nowhere to go?

D                                       Bm
Were you walking through deep snow?

(verse two)

G              Em             Bm
Lou Reed dreamed in deep sleep

G               Em                     Bm
Deep sleep forget about her until you meet

G                               Em
  He spread........  his arms to fly

A                                  D                                     G
Lou Reed was sent --- a song --- from across the Great Divide

Called "Walk on the Wild Side"

Em           G              Bm
Lou Reed dreams in deep sleep

(Fingerpick break)

(Second chorus)

D                         G

There was a blizzard in my heart

D                                   G

Man, it was really coming down hard

D                  G

Now I have nowhere to go

D                                            Bm

I'm no longer walking through deep snow

(repeat 1st verse)

(Third chorus)

(Fingerpick break)


D                         G

Is there a blizzard in your heart?

D                                   G

Do things seem to be fall - ing apart?

D                            G

You need to find nowhere to be

D                                          Bm

I think you're waking through deep sleep

- Seattle, November 2009 - From a dream

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