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Napoleon In Rage (and the language that he used)

June 5, 2010

I glanced a few times at this image, while painting it.

At some point, a memory of rendering a large pen-and-ink drawing based on this image when I was 15 or 16 came to me. I think it was shown in a county fair 4H art show. I remember it was matted and placed on a wall across from the prize goats.

On the album cover, his t-shirt prophetically shows a Triumph motorcycle. A couple of years later, he would wipe out on a Triumph, disappear from the public eye for a while, and re-invent himself. I am also shape-shifting... so perhaps that is why I painted this image.

However this is an artist rendering an image from 1965 in the year 2010... and so the final painting has some of his 2010 shape in it:

Click here to see a two-minute film displaying more of my paintings.