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Xmas Gift Tag Cartoons by Paul Tumey

Here are some images of Christmas gift package tag cartoons  I drew. these are actually from Xmas 2011.  At some point, I'll also share the tags from Xmas 2012.

Upset With Myself: A Cartoon Vulnerable by Paul Tumey

A bummed out cast of characters. This expressed some inner pain at the time I drew it, about a year ago, but now it makes me smile like a compassionate parent. Even so, I go through these feelings from time to time. 
- Paul Tumey

Ron Tumey's Dusty Ceiling Fan - A Comic by Paul Tumey Oct. 2012

Comic by Paul Tumey - October, 2012

Recent Comix #2

Published August 2012 by Paul Tumey.  Special guest appearances by and collaborations with Claire Mack. In this issue we welcome back the incorrigible (and dirigible-like) Hoppin Frog with some new and old comics and drawings. The Catoons series continues, as well.

Above two pages: This is NOT recently drawn -- but recently rediscovered. Someday, I'll get around to finishing this tribute to burritos and golden age comics...

And now two knockout My Little Pony designs by Claire Mack:

Comic: Louisiana 70 South

Images from a drive through southern Louisiana in June, 1990. I was born and raised in Louisiana, and returned there at this time to get married.

From The Lost Notebooks of Paul Tumey

Copyright 2012 Paul Tumey Write me!

Recent Comix #1 by Paul Tumey

All cartoons and comix in this digital mini-comic are by Paul Tumey, unless otherwise noted.
[Special thanx to Carl Linich, for hipping me to Rube Goldberg's Bertha, The Siberian Cheesehound, which inspired the Catoons series]

Dream Comix #17,647 by Paul Tumey and Claire Mack

Last Sunday Morning