Xmas Gift Tag Cartoons by Paul Tumey

Here are some images of Christmas gift package tag cartoons 
I drew. these are actually from Xmas 2011. 
At some point, I'll also share the tags from
Xmas 2012.

Upset With Myself: A Cartoon Vulnerable by Paul Tumey

A bummed out cast of characters. This expressed some inner pain at the time I drew it, about a year ago, but now it makes me smile like a compassionate parent. Even so, I go through these feelings from time to time. 

- Paul Tumey

Ron Tumey's Dusty Ceiling Fan - A Comic by Paul Tumey Oct. 2012

Comic by Paul Tumey - October, 2012

Recent Comix #2

Published August 2012 by Paul Tumey. 
Special guest appearances by and collaborations with Claire Mack.
In this issue we welcome back the incorrigible (and dirigible-like) Hoppin Frog with some new and old comics and drawings. The Catoons series continues, as well.

Bunny Stop 

Catoon #6  - Paranoia

Catoon #7  - Fulfilled

Above two pages: This is NOT recently drawn -- but recently rediscovered.
Someday, I'll get around to finishing this tribute to burritos and golden age comics...

Catoon #4  - Breadwinner

Catoon #10  - Kneady

And now two knockout My Little Pony designs by Claire Mack:
Artfire by Claire Mack

Gypsybell by Claire Mack

H. Frog: Salesman

Three Level Dog Mind by Paul Tumey

Catoon 5 - Dreamer

Mees Lichen de Escargots by Claire Mack
I watched Claire draw this a week ago one morning while we camped. I drank my first cup of coffee and the kids slept in their tents. She started with the snail shell sitting on the picnic table and  magically  spun the rest out from it.

Twig by Paul Tumey

The Hammock Under the Apple Tree by Claire Mack and Paul Tumey

Taffy by Claire Mack and Paul Tumey

Catoon 9 - Limber

All cartoons and comics by Paul Tumey, unless otherwise noted.
All contents copyright 2012 Paul Tumey

Comic: Louisiana 70 South

Images from a drive through southern Louisiana in June, 1990. I was born and raised in Louisiana, and returned there at this time to get married.

From The Lost Notebooks of Paul Tumey

Copyright 2012 Paul Tumey

Recent Comix #1 by Paul Tumey

All cartoons and comix in this
digital mini-comic are by Paul Tumey,
unless otherwise noted.

[Special thanx to Carl Linich, for hipping me
to Rube Goldberg's
Bertha, The Siberian Cheesehound,
which inspired the Catoons series]

"If dreaming is impractical,
why do so many do it?"

Dream Comix #17,647 by Paul Tumey and Claire Mack

Catoon  #3 - "Artiste"

Last Sunday Morning

Don't Fence Me In

Catoon 1 - "Patience" cat cartoon by Paul Tumey

Catoon  #2 - "Wisdom"

All cartoons and comics by Paul Tumey, unless otherwise noted.
All contents copyright 2012 Paul Tumey