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Backyard Jam Comics 2015

If you invite cartoonists over to the house, here's a tip -- get them to draw and then keep the art!  David Lasky brought the paper, magically folded into little blank books and funny drawings and narratives magically appeared on these pages.

I really like the looseness of the art in these pages -- it's sort of "pure" comics.

David very kindly gave the books to me -- thanks! It was suggested that I post the comics here, and so I am -- twist my ink-stained arm! The artists include Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh, Seth Goodkind, Robyn Jordan, David Lasky, Rich Stevens, Tom Van Deusen, and me. If I left anyone out, or got anything wrong in the attributions, lemme know.

Thank you to everyone for this wonderful gift.

There were two books. David Lasky started the first one with a fine, funny cover - love that "P-Yow!"

And here is the superb work of Max Clotfelter (left) and Robyn Jordan (right)...
And then Seth Goodkind and Kelly Froh -- where else are you gonna see …