by Paul Christley Tumey

I once stepped out
into the mushy forest,
I once did.
Everything is without logic.
The Han Nee Mulls
touched all around
and spoke:
"Put on this fur and
these feathers,
Change your diet,
and we'll all be
that much better."
Grizzlydigs! If only
I could. The fur fit
and I could live with
the sneezing and tickling -
"Take your eyes
away from the front.
Change your diet
and the manner of your hunt."
Yak! I stopped looking front
and that was quite a change,
But see the point?
My diet, I could not change.

Goodbye to the little Han Nee Mulls
scampering away
playing and laughing.
If my world ends --
It certainly won't be their fault.
I know we'll always be kin
For I hear the growling within.

Leominster,Massachusetts - 1986

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