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It's All True - Bourbon Street, New Orleans - A Paul Tumey Comic

This comic, created in one evening on August 19, 2014 at the monthly Seattle comics event, DUNE tells the story of the time the artist James Gill and I visited a strip club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We were both living in Louisiana at the time and had gone to New Orleans for a fun day trip. 
Somehow, we found ourselves on the notorious Bourbon Street -- home to strip clubs and hedonistic playgrounds. A barker in front of a strip club pointed to lewd photographs on the door of the club and shouted at us, "It's all TRUE!" Meaning, if we came into the club, and paid handsomely for tiny glasses of watered-down beer, we would witness these shocking, oddly stimulating acts between men and women. Inside, of course, was nothing at all like the photos. A single skinny, unhealthy girl lamely shuffled around a sad, shabby stage. Later, I realized the barker had not lied to us -- the photos were "true," just not what we'd see inside -- that was OUR assumption.…