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A few scans from my notebooks. 
A drawing made in an organically inebriated sun-induced haze on a Kaui beach in February, 2007. That's a weather-worn tree in the drawing, clinging to the beach... I identified very much with that tree.

Memphis Slim. Check out his comments onBlues In the Mississippi Night.

Waiting for a couple of Moons Over My Hammy plates at Denny's, my boy and I made up this comic strip.



~ For Molly
B.1999  -  D. May 6, 2010

Mollydog I called her
usually Molly and once in a while
damn dog!
She had some songs,
like 'Sweet Brown Dog,' which made her smile

Sweet brown dog of mine,
loves to be patted on her behind

and then there's

Queen of all she sees,
Molly - Queen of the seven seas,
Emperess of the dog treat
Majesty of the light of the moon
Friend to many, enemy to no one
Comforter of my bruised heart
Maker of the snooze fart fog,
My Molly - My sweet dog.

Sometimes in the car
I'd sing to her Ohhhhhhhhh
there once was a dog named Molly
She was quite quite jolly
She loved sport but not folly thaaaaat

Now I am singing the song of soul pressing mud grief missing her, and the song of
gratitude for her gifts -
the gift of showing I could be a father
the gift of saving me from abject, desparing lonliness
the gift of someone to care for when my son had to go away every week
the gift of walking me out into the world
the gift of how important others ar…