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The Kitchen Notepad Cartoons of 2013

I sing now to you a tale of a family and their doodle-toons. A grubby, stained, mostly used small pad of paper sat by the phone in the kitchen. One day, I drew and colored a cartoon on it, like so:

If it looks like the man has his hand in his fly, that's my ineptitude at drawing hands, and is unintentional. Anyway, I found I liked the pad. So I drew a few more cartoons.

The little green figures you see in the lower right-hand corner are the vestiges of when the pad was first used by me to make a rudimentary animation flipbook. The next time I picked the kitchen notepad up, I saw that my wife, the artist Claire Mack had added a fantastical drawing:

I followed suit with a Groucho mushroom, of course:

Claire added a celestial scene:

One day, our teen-age daughter, Olivia, added some of her own cartoons:

To which, I responded with this very strange fellow, Lemon-Head:

The final three pages in the pad are by Claire,


And our teen son, Reid, who got the last word (as he usually does…