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Terrycloth - A comic by Paul C. Tumey

"Terrycloth" is a true story, based on an incident from my life.

Growing up outside of a religion in Louisiana during the 1970s, I was fair game. Several of the religions practiced in that area require their members to convert others. It was rare to find a middle class white person in the area who was "undecided."

I was invited to numerous churches and bible study groups. I can't tell you how many times I was asked if I accepted Jesus into my life and believed in the Gospels. To me, the fact that people didn't want to be my friend, but wanted to save my soul was madness. "Terrycloth" is about being lonely and awkward, and being pressed on by religious zealots.

The terrycloth headband guy told me all about how people were faith healed at his church. They passed snakes around, too, he said -- and even though the snakes bit, the power of the Lord kept people from being poisoned. He sure knew how to sell it.

For weeks, that church bus would pull up o…

Two Level Human Mind: A Comic by Paul C. Tumey

This one-page comic was created by Paul Tumey on March 18, 2014 at the monthly Cafe Racer DUNE comics jam, and appears in DUNE 17.