BUZZED - A comic by Paul C. Tumey


This two-page comic by me (Paul C. Tumey) was created in about 3 hours on June 17, 2014 at the monthly DUNE comics night at The Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA. This was just one of several comics created that evening and published in DUNE 20. (When I figure out who created this cover, I'll post their name, here)

"Buzzed" spawned from a dream I had the night before. It started with an image from the dream and then sorta became about my whole lifetime. I was working on two things with this piece:

1. Tell a story with a few short narrative captions. (I was influenced by sitting next to David Lasky for a couple of DUNE nights)

2. Create interesting looking, loose art. I used a variety of pens, some white out, and a soft lead pencil.

All art and text copyright 2014 PAUL TUMEY

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