When I Fall In Love Again (Note to Self)

by Paul Tumey

Give her a break.
She’s probably as scared
as you are.
While you are in love
don’t forget
to ask who made that juniper bush
that grows 
out of a canyon wall
like a baby 
carried on its mother.

While you are falling
ignore the parachute
fly through the sky 
watch the sun melting
stand on a desert dune and witness
the universe contract into nothingness
as it tends to do.
Notice the space

between the stars
the space
between you and her 
that is what’s good.

You will find 
the way she sleeps into you
like a rock hugged
by a waterfall
or a juniper bush
into a warm and safe place
Brings tears
big wet wonderful surging
that blur your vision.
Wipe them away
to water the plantings
And be ready to see their
tender green leaves unfolding
They need you to see them

Do not be afraid of the good moments with her.
If you don’t want to
you will not have to
let them come back and haunt you.

Hold this slowly dying candle to the window
when night is outside
and the dark is switched on
look with your eyes
see with your heart
the flame’s reflection
in the cold glass pane.
Twin flames dancing.
When the flames
           see each other
through you
love will have found you 

-March 14, 2011
copyright 2011 Paul Tumey